Scientific Research and You in Chalfont

Scientific Research and You in Chalfont PA

If you are like over 90% of the world's Chiropractic patients, you are getting exciting results from the Chiropractic care you are receiving in our office. Mainstream scientific researchers around the world want to know why. They are therefore using some very sophisticated means to document the success and long-term positive effects of regular Chiropractic Care.

Cancer researchers are measuring the effect of Chiropractic at the genetic level by inspecting portions of our DNA and the body's immune system. Through the use of specific genetic markers, scientists are looking at two major factors;

1) A patient's inherited and internally regulated susceptibility to Gene-damaging agents.

2) A patient's acquired ability to adapt to these agents.

Researchers are trying to discover the role Chiropractic plays in a patient's overall health and ability to adapt to our increasingly toxic environment. Preliminary results are very interesting.

We look forward to working with you in Chalfont and the surrounding Doylestown central bucks areas. Ask us how you can participate in this exciting research project at Hilltown Family Chiropractic: Jerry Schaeffer, DC in Chalfont PA.

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