Vertebral Subluxation Degeneration and You from a Chalfont Chiropractor

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Vertebral Subluxation Degeneration is a progressive, phase-by-phase destruction of your spine because of a long-standing Vertebral Subluxation. To compensate for the resulting nerve damage, your body attempts to stabilize the spine with muscular spasms that eventually fuse spinal bones. here at Hilltown Family Chiropractic in Chalfont, PA., when a patient first comes to our office, Dr. Jerry Schaeffer will do a complete and thorough history and examination to determine the current health of your spine.

  • Phase I is experienced in the early stages of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex misalignment and an alteration of normal spinal function without major soft tissue degeneration occur.
  • Phase II occurs if Phase I is not corrected. Symptoms of Phase II include spinal misalignment, spinal malfunction, recognizable tissue degeneration, disc damage, and calcium salt deposition that creates Jagged appearance on x-rays.
  • Phase III generally occurs after continued spinal neglect and involves further tissue Decay and impending Fusion between adjacent vertebrae.
  • Phase IV is characterized by the permanent restructuring of spinal bones, permanent joint immobilization, and severely damaged nerve roots.

Once begun, this ever-worsening degenerative process continues throughout a lifetime unless the process is interrupted---the primary objective of Chiropractic Care.

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