What running sport rarely gets hamstring injuries? in Chalfont

What running sport rarely gets hamstring injuries in Chalfont?

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Answer me this...which athletes never get hamstring pulls? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have heard the arm wrestlers answer! Okay then let me rephrase - what running sport rarely gets hamstring pulls?

First, can you picture an Olympic sprinters thigh muscles? Looks like something out of an Anatomy textbook or maybe an ancient Grecian statue. So why do they get so many hamstring injuries? Especially when those muscles look like Greek gods the envy of us all. Because in relation to their super developed hamstring muscles their quadriceps are exponentially stronger, which in turn creates an imbalance. When the more powerful forceful front quadriceps muscle contraction the weaker rear hamstrings "pulls".

You ask I have back problems how do I strengthen my lower back? Again let's consider imbalance. Core imbalance in this case. How many times a day do you use your abdominal muscles? For most people, it's probably once, when we get out of bed in the morning. How many times a day do we use your lower back muscles? Many, many, many, times! Basically constantly, in all reality how often are we bending over, leaning forward, picking something up; all day long, even while sitting in a chair. This constant continuous effort causes the erector muscles or the lower back muscles to become hypertonic in relation to the weaker front muscles of our torsos. Instead of strengthening our lower back we should make an effort to improve abdominal strength this, in turn, will help balance the relationship between the front and the back of our core. Thus improving the health and stability of our lower backs.

Now, what sport did you pick? If you answered basketball you're right! Why is that? Well did you ever play a little b-ball? Running that court backward. Geez, that'll burn!!. Yes, basically most basketball players are athletes who rarely get hamstring pulls? Basically, most basketball players have very balanced muscle strength between there forward moving quads and they're rearward moving hamstring and glutes.

Adding abdominal/core activities into our daily routines will most likely give us a greater benefit to our spinal lumbar issues then targeting just lower back strength.

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